Magnesium Zinc Anode Rod


Mains pressure hot water cylinder Anode replacement, to maintain the lifespan of your Mains pressure hot water cylinder.

If you have Mains pressure cylinder between 5-10 years old, we recommend the benefit of replacing the Zinc Magnesium Anode rod.
Standard domestic Steel Mains pressure cylinder brands, Rheems, Vulcan and Dux have a Magnesium Zinc Anode rod fitted.

The Anode rod is sacrificial protection material that deteriorates over time, due to the electrolysis processes during the working life of a Mains pressure hot water cylinder.

When the Anode is fully deteriorated the protection factor to the cylinder tank ceases, the electrolysis process then begins to deteriorate the actual tank and will lead to tank leakage, with replacement of the hot water cylinder then required.

Overseas it is part of normal Mains Pressure cylinder maintenance to have the Anode rod replaced as preventative maintenance, whilst in New Zealand it is a known maintenance procedure, it is not promoted as a cylinder tank maintenance option.

A further benefit to maintaining the lifespan of your existing mains hot water cylinder is that the new Kyoto Protocol, Mains pressure cylinder size dimensions are now industry standards, due to mandatory insulation requirements for heating efficiencies, these cylinders are larger in size than the older model cylinders, which can be a problem when replacing an older cylinder, e.g. cylinder fitted into an airing cupboard location, often in this situation, the airing cupboard has to be dismantled and altered to suit the new cylinder size, incurring additional cost.

Bennett Plumbing has recently replaced an Anode for a client, who is from South Africa, he specifically requested the Anode replacement, due to the age of his Mains pressure cylinder, he was very surprised to learn that Anode replacement is not a standard practice here. On removing that cylinder Anode it was found to be deteriorated to 1/3 of the original length.

On recently replacing a leaking Mains pressure cylinder, 10 years old, out of interest, the Anode rod was to be removed, for inspection, however the Anode rod was found completely deteriorated, which was potentially the cause for the tank to leak and require the hot water cylinder be replaced.

If you consider Anode rod replacement would be beneficial for your 5-10 year old Mains pressure hot water cylinder, contact Bennett Plumbing Ltd., to arrange this service.