Gas hot water – storage or Infinity

We maintain and install gas appliances to code compliance regulations – installations include; gas hot water cylinders – storage or Infinity (heat only the water you use)/fires/wall heaters/ovens/hobs.

Gas appliances can be installed to existing houses using either Natural gas or LPG bottled gas – Natural gas option is only available if that service is offered in your street – check the Vector website by your address to know if you can be connected to Natural gas.   


When you choose a gas appliance you should check that it has the NZ gas mark (flame) logo on the outer boxing, which is the proof the gas appliance complies with gas regulations AS/NZS, if you do not see the NZ gas mark (flame) logo, ask the retailer to show you the NZ gas mark (flame) logo label on the gas appliance, if the retailer is uncertain in regards to your request or cannot show you that label on the gas appliance – Do Not Purchase that gas appliance, it may not comply, all retailers should know the compliance requirements for retailing gas appliances in New Zealand, and should know to show you the NZ gas mark (flame) logo.

For more information and to view the logo/label view this link: