Toilet (w/c) Cistern Overflow

Water runs into the toilet pan, long after the flush has completely finished, then you will need to have the toilet cistern serviced, as the 2 valves inside are not working correctly.

If your toilet cistern has dripping or hissing sounds, all the time, and the noises are worse at night (and disturb your sleep), and/or

If your toilet cistern flush buttons stick/or the flush buttons don’t make the cistern flush, parts will need to be replaced, to keep the toilet cistern working correctly.

We can service most brands and makes of toilet cisterns, (unless manufacturers advise parts are no longer available) instead of just advising the complete toilet should be replaced, as the easy solution (for the plumber).

Has your plastic toilet cistern tank discolored – become Yellowed, or the plastic has become stained/marked, upgrading your toilet cistern only can be an option, instead of needing to replace the toilet cistern and pan – call Bennett Plumbing and Drainage, we can advise you the options available.

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Bennett Plumbing Pakuranga Auckland Toilet Servicing

Replacing your toilet

We can recommend the cost effective options available, or you can choose an upmarket make and model to suit how you want the smallest room in the house to appear, the choice is yours – call Bennett Plumbing and Drainage to arrange to upgrade your old toilet.

Leaks around the toilet

If you find water on the floor, at the back of the toilet pan, that keeps on re-appearing when mopped up, there is a leakage issue occurring – it may be the rubber Nucon sock joint to the toilet pan/the cistern tap or the water pipe to the cistern tank/or the pan collar rubber seal has perished – call Bennett Plumbing and Drainage – we can assist to find the problem, and stop the leakage.