Blocked Drains

For blocked drains, we have a specialized drainage machine that can be used to unblock either stormwater or sewer drain lines.

The majority of blocked drains are caused by tree roots that enter and then grow through drainage pipelines.

That issue can be evident when sewer drain gully traps outside the bathroom or kitchen begin to overflow, and the kitchen sink, shower, bath or basin only slowly will drain away, or the toilet pan water rises and slowly drains – for stormwater drainage blockage the downpipes flood, the guttering overflows or cesspits won’t drain – for your blocking drain problems – Call Bennett Plumbing & Drainage now.

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Advisory – drain CCTV video inspection


After unblocking drainage pipelines, there can be the need to have the sewer or stormwater drainage CCTV video surveyed, to check the soundness of the drain pipework, in case of pipework movement – common with Earthenware pipework, or to locate the position of tree root penetration.

A CCTV survey will assist in determining if repair work to the affected drainage pipeline is necessary, immediately, or the cause of the drain blockage issue can be managed until it is absolutely necessary to replace a section of the drainage pipework – for your blocking drains – call Bennett Plumbing and Drainage to assist.